A GP receptionist who created prescriptions without authorisation received an Adult Caution on 03 June 2015 following an investigation by Counter Fraud Services.

Michelle Cupples of 16 Bramcote Street, Belfast was cautioned for three offences under the Fraud Act (2006), having created a number of prescriptions and presented these to Community Pharmacies to obtain medication.

Mark Harvey, Assistant Director of Counter Fraud and Probity Services, Business Services Organisation, said: “CFS will continue to work closely with Family Health Service practitioners and the Health and Social Care Board to deter this type of criminal activity.”

“It is important we send a clear a message that fraud will not be tolerated because of the direct impact it has on the delivery of frontline services.”

Notes to editors:

1. Michelle Cupples was cautioned for three counts of fraud: one count of Fraud by False Representation, contrary to Section 2 of the Fraud Act (2006); one count of Fraud by Abuse of Position, contrary to Section 4 of the Fraud Act (2006); and one count of Possession etc. of articles for use in a fraud, contrary to Section 6 of the Fraud Act (2006).

2. Counter Fraud Services are responsible for the investigation of all cases of suspected fraud across Health and Social Care, Northern Ireland.

3. To report an incident of suspected fraud, please call the HSC Fraud Hotline on 0800 096 33 96 or send a report online at http://www.reporthealthfraud.hscni.net

4. You can follow Counter Fraud Services on Facebook at BSO Counter Fraud Services or on Twitter @bsocfs.