Please use the form below if you wish to report a suspicion of fraud against Health and Social Care services in Northern Ireland.

If you are a health care professional do not use this form to report an occurrence of prescription fraud. Please use the appropriate prescription fraud reporting form by clicking here.


How we use your information

When you contact Counter Fraud Services using the HSC Fraud Hotline or online reporting form you do not have to provide any information about yourself unless you choose to.

Please remember to provide as much detail as possible about the fraud you are reporting as this may help us investigate matters more quickly and effectively.

There are two ways of reporting that determine how your personal details are handled:


Select this option if you would prefer to remain completely anonymous. We will not ask for your name or contact details and we will not be able to contact you again once you have provided the information.
If you prefer to remain anonymous please ensure you provide as much information about the fraud as possible.

Name and Contact details

Select this option if you have no concerns about your personal details being linked to the information you are providing. This means that your details will be held with the information and made available to the investigating officer. If we need to contact you for further information we will do so by your preferred method of communication.