Fraud against Health and Social Care (HSC) can take many forms and cover a wide range of offences including fraud, corruption, bribery, theft, forgery or any other dishonest act committed by an individual or group of individuals to obtain a financial gain or cause a loss to the HSC.

While those who commit fraud against the HSC are a minority their actions can have a serious impact on us all.

Any money lost to fraud undermines the ability to provide many necessary services, potentially leading to longer waiting lists and fewer staff to support patient care.

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Counter Fraud Services (CFS) provide a comprehensive counter fraud service through the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud, corruption and other financial irregularities against Health and Social Care, Northern Ireland.

Working in partnership with Health and Social Care organisations and other key stakeholders, including the Department of Health, we endeavour to build and promote a culture where everyone accepts that fraud is wrong and everyone knows the role they can play in reducing fraud to an absolute minimum.

Our ultimate aim is to reduce HSC fraud to an absolute minimum and ensure that money deployed for health and social care is used in the effective delivery of frontline services.

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- 12 days ago

Every pound lost to #HSCfraud means less money to spend on important services and patient care. If you suspect fraud against Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland please call 0800 096 33 96 or report online at https://t.co/wUNV7IYFnw Together we can #stopHSCfraud https://t.co/Gi7BxdfsWC

- 50 days ago

Fraud in its widest sense includes a range of dishonest acts such as bribery, corruption and theft. Whatever form it takes, recognising and reporting fraud is essential in protecting HSC resources. To #stopHSCfraud please call 0800 096 33 96 or go to https://t.co/wUNV7IY7xY https://t.co/P7YxWQGBty