Fraud against Health and Social Care (HSC) is not a victimless crime. Money lost to fraud drains the resources available for the delivery of frontline services and patient care. Now more than ever, we need to work together to stamp fraud out.

Counter Fraud and Probity Services (CFPS), part of the Business Services Organisation (BSO), provide a full service to Health and Social Care Northern Ireland through a regionally based and professionally qualified team of specialists dedicated to counter fraud and probity work.

We are determined to combat fraud whenever and wherever it arises, aiming to reduce fraud to an absolute minimum and maximising the resources available for the delivery of frontline services.

Working in partnership with other HSC organisations and key stakeholders we endeavour to build and promote a culture where everyone accepts that fraud is wrong and everyone knows the role they can play in eliminating it.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that money deployed for healthcare is used in the effective delivery of frontline services.



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