This month Counter Fraud Services (CFS) will join hundreds of organisations across the world in a global campaign to raise awareness of fraud and highlight the importance of fraud prevention.

Did you know fraud is now the crime you are most likely to experience during your lifetime? Fraud can be a hidden crime, as fraudsters use deception and target weaknesses in people and systems to make a financial gain. Fraudsters are also increasingly sophisticated in their use of technology, which you may have noticed if you have ever received a very credible email, text or other correspondence asking you to send money or provide personal or financial details.

No individual or organisation is immune from the threat of fraud, and Health and Social Care (HSC) is no exception. Fraud against HSC affects everyone, but everyone can play an important part in fighting it, whether it be by being vigilant, knowing how to prevent fraud, or reporting any reasonably held suspicion or concern.

HSC fraud can take many forms and any money lost to fraud undermines the ability to provide many necessary services, potentially leading to longer waiting lists and fewer staff to support patient care. Recognising and reporting fraud is therefore essential in maximising front line resources and every member of staff has a responsibility to report any suspicion of fraud that affects health and social care services.

Donna Scott, Assistant Director of CFS said “We take the threat of fraud very seriously, that means we need to make sure all HSC staff, regardless of grade or discipline, are aware of the fraud risk within their workplace. The small minority who commit fraud against the HSC can have a serious impact on us all, and everyone has a role to play in fighting fraud.”

If you have a genuine concern or know that fraud is taking place you should report the matter to your line manager/supervisor or to your organisation’s Fraud Liaison Officer.

Alternatively, you can report your suspicions directly to Counter Fraud Services by calling the HSC Fraud Reporting Line on 0800 096 33 96 or by sending a report online at All reports are treated in confidence, and you have the option to report anonymously.

If you require further advice or guidance on fraud related matters, you can contact Counter Fraud Services on 028 9536 3852 or contact your Fraud Liaison Officer.